Top questions that you should ask before travelling and booking your Dubai Visa


Q.1 - Who can apply for a Tourist Dubai visa?

 A: Any Passengers holding Valid Nigerian, wishing to visit Dubai flying on any airlines, can apply for the visa from


Q.2 - What is the processing time for a Tourist Visa?

A: The normal visa processing time for application is 3 -4 working days. For Fast-track visa processing you can choose Express Visa Service which takes 1 to 2 days for visa approval.


Q.3 - Is there a way of getting my application processed sooner than the regular?

 A: Yes, We have Express visa services to process your application instantly. You will get your visa in 1 to 2 days.


Q.4 - When should I apply for a Dubai visa?

 A: You can apply for Dubai visa anywhere between 58 to 5 working days prior to your travel date.


Q.5 - What are the documents required to apply for a Dubai visa?

 A: The traveller requires to submit the below listed documents to apply for Dubai visa:

  • Passport Size photo
  • Nigerian Passport


Q.6 - Are the visa fees same for infants?

 A: Yes, The visa fees are same for an infant or an adult passenger.


Q.7 -  Can the entry & exit, be from any airport of UAE?

 A: The entry and exit of the passenger has to be from the Dubai Airport only. But he / she is permitted to go to any part of UAE by any other means.


Q.8 - What are the available modes of payment?

 A: You can choose pay the visa fee in cash at the time of submission at our Application Centre.


Q.9 - Is I am eligible for "Visa on Arrival”?

 A: No, Travelers holding Nigerian Nationality need to arrange a visa in advance of travel 

Q.10 - How will I receive my Dubai visa?

 A:  When your visa application is approved, Your Dubai visa will be mailed to you on Email address provided in the application form.