Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Visa?


As we all know before traveling out to any foreign country you need to make proper planning. But when you start planning there are lots of questions comes in your mind. Here we have listed top questions that comes in everyone's mind while applying for Dubai Visa.

1. Do I Need A Visa To Travel To The Dubai?

If you are the natives of Gulf Cooperation Council countries, then it is not necessary for you to obtain your Dubai visa. The nationals of few countries are eligible to obtain Dubai visa on arrival at.But Keep in mind that Nigerian nationals need visa to enter in Dubai.

2. What Types Of Visa Are Available To Visit Dubai?

To visit Dubai there are 6 different types of visas are available for every visa applicant that are:

  1. 14 Days Visa
  2. 30 Days Visa
  3. 90 Days Visa
  4. 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa
  5. 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa

3. How Much It Costs?

Visa processing fees depends on type of processing mode you choose. There are three types of visa processing modes available if you apply with

Normal Visa: This visa processing mode is very affordable. In normal processing mode your visa application can be processed within 3 to 4 business days and visa application charges are also low.

Express Visa: This visa processing mode is available for fast processing of your visa within 1 to 2 days.Dubai Express visa may charge little more than normal processing.

Urgent Visa: This visa processing mode is optional and only recommended in case of emergency. In urgent processing mode your visa application processed within 24 hours but it costs more than normal and express visa.

4. What Type Of Documents Are Required To Obtain My Dubai Visa?

To obtain your visa, you have to submit the following documents carefully

  1. Color scanned print of first and last page of your passport
  2. Color scanned print of your passport size photograph

Depending on the purpose of your trip to Dubai, additional Dubai visa documents may be required.

5. How To Apply For Dubai Visa Online?

After determining type of visa you needed depending on purpose of your visit collect requisite document and Visit to Book your visa online. To Book Dubai visa, follow below given steps:

1.       Fill up the application form

2.       Upload required document such as scanned copy of passport and photo.

3.       Pay visa processing fees using credit/debit card via secure payment gateway.

4.      Download and Print visa received visa email.

Final Words:

These are the questions which commonly comes in visa applicants mind  comes in visa when they apply for Dubai Visa first time. We have given best solutions for that questions and which are helpful for every traveler and visa applicant. Visa experts at always try to help Dubai traveler to obtain Dubai visa without any hassle. We are also available play store so Download the Dubai Visa App know.

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